May 10, 2010

Soul removal

He said think it twice when actually the memory is done since the begining of the so called "decision"

On a standby waiting for someone or something to burn up that flame again,There is no such thing as luck or destiny and even that lazy action called "karma".

I say so.

Set it on fire for me.
Waiting looks like crystalinewater and it seems like that perfect answer, but of course that is the resolution of a problem being thought over and over again.

Forget the horrors after all its future dust and future rust.

Where did that beautiful scent go? Its not a perception error.The sky knows i dont have those mortal horrors.I did not make a mistake by choosing that fired up lifestyle. Fuck.The sky knows i dont make those mistakes.

Where is my haze?

Stucked by not being able to pull back and grasp that beautiful beautiful substance,that which i love to shout at and make love to, my dear ol´dear sliver dream.The one that surounded me and created that ethereal bubble when i was 12,the one i can only found in books and read in truly special peoples faces.

There is no element of air.

Carrying extra pounds and taking de-tours as excuses...
Ironically the pre-destined de tours in which i dont believe lead me to that same old path.
The one with ringing bells, false promises and cruel identities.

That same old bullshit leads to the next question.

Would a time machine really work?

Is it really just another path leading to the same exit?

Its like looking on a clock that works backwards.

Im just a subconscious person talkng on a mental-conscius state.
How much time is there on a mental flash wonder?

She just took what mattered to him, hes trapped in an ethereal loop
Thats all.