February 19, 2012


 A few pics of the Truffles I made last saturday in my chocolate class with some of my classmates.

The were sooooooo good

Those on the focus are Black tea (left) and Moka (right) Trufles.

And the one covered in coca is a rum flavored truffle

February 12, 2012

Modern Mille-feuille Cakes

This Friday at the pastry class we tried out some Mille-feuille cakes inspired by the legendary Chef Michalak.

...They were...tricky to say the least...

Mille feuille filled with a pistachio St. honore cream and chocolate mousse with a cigarette decor.

Mint Flavored Mille-Feuille filled with a Banana pastry cream and Praline cream and white chocolate mousse

ñom ñom

February 5, 2012

Modern Tarts

Creme Brulee Capuccino tart.

Chocolate Sucree
Capuccino Cream
Chocolate decor

And this one is a Maple cream Tart.

Nut Sucree
Almonds covered in caramel
Maple cream
Chocolate decor