April 24, 2011

Ferran tryouts.

Decided to try out some espumas by Ferran

Pears poached in white wine with a white choclate espuma quenelle.
This is a cold based espuma made out with egg whites, chocolate, milk, and an egg yolk



The texture of the espuma is quite delicate and works really well with the acidity of the pears the only but is that you have to work really fast those quenelles otherwise they start to meltdown and before you know it you end up with a little bowl of chocolate chaos at your disposal.

April 18, 2011

Pasta al forno on a rainy day

This is what the outside of my house looks like:

 Rainy weather = Sad mood for most of the people 
But not for me...

This recipe is perfect to try out on a rainy day just like the one im having today

The weather inspired me to try one of the first dishes i remeber, Pasta al forno
This one always cheers me up no matter what.  Its such a warm, healthy and delicious meal.

This is one of the few recipes that i actually love, its a recipe from the Chef Max Menossi and its called Pasta al forno. Its quite a simple but delicious and spicy pasta. Excellent for a family meal and pretty good enough for a romantic dinner.

Pasta al forno

*200 g of smoked turkey ham
*A can of red peppers roughly chopped (save the juice!)
*1 roughly chopped onion
*2 garlic cloves rougly chopped
*3 tablespoons of olive oil
*1 1/2 cup of cream
*600 ml of a good tomato sauce (italian brands work really well)
*500 g of penne pasta
*salt + pepper

Some smoked turkey ham

Red peppers roughly chopped

An onion roughly chopped

Pasta in

Some garlic cloves
Once you have all the mise en place get some olive oil in a pan and stir the onions
Add the ham and the garlic

Finish the saute with the red peppers and let all the flavors and aromas kick in.
Tomato sauce

A big dosis of black pepper, then throw in the penne and stir frequently

Perfect meal.

You can also put all the pasta on a baking tray and sprinkle some parmigiano cheese, then bake until the cheese is grated.

Basil leaves are very very welcome.

April 16, 2011

Hosteria "La bota"

Ive been visting a place near my school called "Hosteria La bota." i must say that it offers quite a runway of good food.

The style of food is obviously a fusion between lots of cultures that include from mexican to the mediterranean area...but with a lot of twists and turns, you can start with a "navalcarnero" whis is a really abundant stew made out of olive juice, red wine, beef stock, mushroms and some vegetables for under a hundred pesos.

You can also have an arab taco made out of steak or chistorra with some fresh salsa and a small salad.

Another option is to try the "torta ahogada" of steak and chistorra with a lot of salsa verde.

Or you can also try pizzetas and a variety of quesadillas.

The Navalcarnero: a rustic stew of vegetables and mushrooms with red wine olive juice and beef stock
Steak and chistorra arab taco wth some fresh salsa

If you´re in the mood for some beer or wine and some good old rustic food this is the place you were looking for.

Regina 48
 Isabel la Católica y Callejón de Mesones
Col. Centro De La Ciudad De México
Tel. 5709-1117

April 11, 2011

Molecular Mixology Finale.

This is the last part of the mixology series, in this series Santiago (our professor) told us how to use  a ballon in the creation of a specific beverage and i along with a mate de-constrcuted the world famous classic : The Margarita with the help of a little nitrogen.

First of all you have to make the mix of the drink you´re going to make along with some Mise en place (the things you need)

Mise en place:
*A syringe
*Beverage mixed
*A ballon
* A container where the ballon will cook itself in the nitrogen

Ok, lets start this.

Santiago eating a spoon full of nitrogen and exhaling it by the nose, yeah i know...it looks pretty amazing.

 Heres the ballon injected with the beverage we were going to create.

Then you put the ballon in the glass you want to serve it, you pop it and voila, you got the sphere in the glass joined by a little bit of liquid., in this one you really cant see the sphere cause of  all the nitrogen  flying around

This is the deconstructed Margarita i made with a mate.

*Lemon juice
*A few dashes of tabasco sauce
*Midori (licor de melon)
*Quite a few  tablespoons of nitrogen.

The bowl contained our recipe of the deconstructed margarita, all the liquids above.Then we poured the nitrogen

Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture

Me doing the margarita.

Thats the texture you are looking for

De-constructed Margarita or how we called it "The Jose-Jose"

Using the ballon technique to make the "Bay Breeze" drink

This is a deconstructed "blue maui" with a little bit of coca-cola

April 5, 2011

Molecular Mixiology Part 2

Heres the second part of the Molecular Mixiology series.
in this part we dealed with nitrogen as an instant element in freezing beverages and creating textures similar to ice-creams in a matter of seconds.

In the next photographies we created a strawberry "colada" and we applied the nitrogen to deconstruct the beverage.

The flavour is incredible and the texture really throws you out of balance, you know you are having just a drink...but its not a drink..its ice-cream.

Some strawberries

Adding some cream.

A few dashes of alcohol...ñom..ñom
When you finsih blendig it has to look something like this. Clearly in a liquid state.

nitrogen time.

As you can see the texture has completeley changed

oh....damn right its good.