April 5, 2011

Molecular Mixiology Part 2

Heres the second part of the Molecular Mixiology series.
in this part we dealed with nitrogen as an instant element in freezing beverages and creating textures similar to ice-creams in a matter of seconds.

In the next photographies we created a strawberry "colada" and we applied the nitrogen to deconstruct the beverage.

The flavour is incredible and the texture really throws you out of balance, you know you are having just a drink...but its not a drink..its ice-cream.

Some strawberries

Adding some cream.

A few dashes of alcohol...ñom..ñom
When you finsih blendig it has to look something like this. Clearly in a liquid state.

nitrogen time.

As you can see the texture has completeley changed

oh....damn right its good.

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