April 2, 2011

New design and language.

From now on all my posts as well as this blog will be on english...why?

If you haven't checked out www.foodbuzz.com i really recommend that you do immediately, its pretty much the social media for the food bloggers and food world community...some people describe it as the "Facebook of food".

They have something called "Featured Publishers"

(Blogs who qualify as "professional" because of their contents, updates and some other technical stuff that I'm not going to get into right now...)

My goal is to be a Featured publisher by the end of the year and some of the requisites that i need is to post all my contents on english.

I really hope that you guys keep visiting my little web, i definitely will be updating content 2 or 3 times a week now...instead of one time a week or one time every fifteen days...

Thanks and enjoy your stay  at Crashinggates.

As a gift this is Bill Murray saying Thank you


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