April 11, 2011

Molecular Mixology Finale.

This is the last part of the mixology series, in this series Santiago (our professor) told us how to use  a ballon in the creation of a specific beverage and i along with a mate de-constrcuted the world famous classic : The Margarita with the help of a little nitrogen.

First of all you have to make the mix of the drink you´re going to make along with some Mise en place (the things you need)

Mise en place:
*A syringe
*Beverage mixed
*A ballon
* A container where the ballon will cook itself in the nitrogen

Ok, lets start this.

Santiago eating a spoon full of nitrogen and exhaling it by the nose, yeah i know...it looks pretty amazing.

 Heres the ballon injected with the beverage we were going to create.

Then you put the ballon in the glass you want to serve it, you pop it and voila, you got the sphere in the glass joined by a little bit of liquid., in this one you really cant see the sphere cause of  all the nitrogen  flying around

This is the deconstructed Margarita i made with a mate.

*Lemon juice
*A few dashes of tabasco sauce
*Midori (licor de melon)
*Quite a few  tablespoons of nitrogen.

The bowl contained our recipe of the deconstructed margarita, all the liquids above.Then we poured the nitrogen

Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture

Me doing the margarita.

Thats the texture you are looking for

De-constructed Margarita or how we called it "The Jose-Jose"

Using the ballon technique to make the "Bay Breeze" drink

This is a deconstructed "blue maui" with a little bit of coca-cola

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