April 3, 2011

Molecular Mixiology Part 1

 Last saturday at my mixiology class i had a pretty interesting time.

We´ve all heard something about molecular gastronomy and how the use of certain products can help us achieve diferent textures, flavors colors etc...

Little did i know that this molecular shool could also help the beverage industry.
wth the help of Nitrogen and some other stuff you can really do some interesting and beatiful things
Some basics about Nitrogen...

Elemental nitrogen  is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and mostly inert gas at standard conditions

  • The nitrogen temperature is about -195.8 C. 
  • Nitrogen is pretty much used for Criogenics (freezing and transportation of food and conservation of blood, sperms and ovaries...and the best part is that it is also used for...eliminating corpses!
  • But now we can apply it to the preparation of food and in this post youll see the aplication to alcoholic beverages
 In this class we made Curacao sferifications ad Curacao Raviolis

Profesor Santiago teaching us that its ok to swallow some nitrogen and exhaling it by the nose.
I really had some issues about nitrogen (handling it, safety issues, etc.) but he pretty much gave us the crash course on how to deal with this chemical.

 Pouring the nitrogen in a container so he can work with it...

Pouring The curacao into the Blender container.

Curacao Mixed with the alginate to sfericate.

 Water with a bit of Calcium

 Pouring some drops of the Mixed Curacao into the bowl with calcium

After a minute or less the droplets will instantly be sferificated, with a strainer take them out and put them in a small towel or in the plate/glass

 Curacao Sferifications.

 Curacao Sferifications and Ravioli.

 Yes, you can definetely drink/eat that...

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  1. Nice mate! I must say that the class wasn't ordinary at all, I learned that the nytrogen isn't as dangerous as I used to think, as a mather of fact it's a very noble chemical.
    The only problem, were my classmates, because even when you try to put attention, they only think about get wasted...
    Anyway, you blog is getting better as the time goes by, I'm not really sure about this hole situation of write everything in english, but, what can I say, we're living in a material world and I'm a a material boy LOL! see ya around mate!