June 13, 2011

Brazilian lemonade

This heat wave got me thinking that including a fresh beverage into my weekly routine wouldnt be a bad idea...

This lemonade is the easiest thing you can do. 
Its fresh, fun and easy to do...what more can you ask for?

All the credits go to "Our best bites " Blog check it out it has some really cool and fun ideas and the photos are really good.  I modified the recipe by adding a dash of Curacao


3 Big lemons (try to get the fresh looking ones and wash them well because youre using the whole lemon!)

1 cup sugar

6 cups water

1 can of condensed milk

A dash of Curacao

Once you have washed the lemons cut them into 8ths and put the half of them into the blender with 3 cups of water and 1/2 cup of the sugar, then  with a strainer put all the liquid into the jar youre serving...then just add the other half of the lemons along with the water and the rest of the sugar into the blender, finally add the condensed milk also into the blender and mix thoroughly. Put through a strainer into the jar and throw in some ice cubes!

If you want you can add a dash of curacao to get some color and modify a little the flavor

Lemons cut into 8ths

Blend half the lemons with 3 cups of water and 1/2 cup of the sugar

Put through a strainer and get all the liquid you can from those lemons

Blend the other half....yeah this recipe doesnt get any more easy.

Add the can of condensed milk into the second mixture


Finally again put the mixture through a strainer into the jar youre serving (i used a bowl...)

Brazilian lemonade with a dash of Curacao

Its such an easy recipe and I really recomend you to try it sometime...you wont regret it . 
Trust me.


  1. Great refresher for this 100 degree heat! Love the touch of curacao. Thanks for posting

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  3. I could easily finish the whole batch!