September 5, 2011

Opera cake.

Here are a few shots of the cakes my mates and I made at our pastry class @ college, its a classic Opera cake but with the obvious exception of this one being round instead of rectangular.

We still have a LOT of practice and hard work to do if we want to make it as pastry chefs...

But well...lets get to the interesting and fun part.

This baby has the following 

Opera Cake.

Chocolate glaze
Chocolate ganache
Coffee Buttercream
Coffee syrup
Two biscuit joconde pieces.

Working hard on my chocolate glazing abilites...dont be too hard on me .=(

This one is a classic 3 leches cake with the Brullee twist and swiss meringue

3 leches with Crème Brulée

Torched swiss Meringue
3 leches syrup
Crème Brulée
Vanilla Genoise.

Winter Mousse


And this is a aWinter Mousse which contens i will not reveal cause the recipe was eaten by racoons...yeah racoons...called...Roger...and...Seth

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