August 24, 2011


These few photos are from my Baking class at college, they were so delicious...they were lucky they survived a day in my freezer...=)

Loaf bread (I made the most awesome sandiwches ever with this bread)...

Nut and orange zest pancakes made with french meringue

Tomato bread with thyme, rosemary, black olives, parmesan cheese and dried tomato.

Ñom ñom

Rustic bread stuffed with chorizo, sauteé onions, ham and some parmesan cheese

Oh yeah baby...

they were as good as they look

trust me.


  1. Jose- Please send bread-I will need to taste test all of these to see if they were as good as they look-ha! Especially the last the stuffing ingredients. Have a great day!

  2. hahaha, yeah they were really great but not as good as your casino cake...;)!