August 1, 2011

The best and the cheapest coffee you will EVER drink.

This whole post has a story...It all started  last friday when i had a horrible stomachache (I ate around 12 or 13 tacos the night before I got to work...), then after a few hours I got really really sleepy and thought of maybe doing myself a good ol´cup of coffee...maybe something cold and yummy would cure the stomachache and keep me going for the rest of the night...

And...i dont like hot coffee for a weird it definetely had to be cold. =D!

Right next to the bar there is a Starbucks and I really hate Starbucks, I dont see how people spend that ammount of money in a cup of coffee that you might easily make at home and reduce the cost easily 90%. (and also theres the fact that the coffee at Starbuskcs tastes like S***.)

Myself and Giselle (who by the way will be pissed of cause I mentioned her in this post...sorry Gisselle!)...came up with the idea of making some frozen coffee with the least amount of money and ingredients we had and still make it delicious.

How many did we spent?...well...we spent less than $5 pesos for the 4 coffees. And all staff at the bar was very pleased with our little cold beverage.

Instant awesome frappé coffee

Yields: 4 cups


4 tablespoons of instant coffee
2 little packets of cream substitute (we used the 7-eleven ones)
6 tablespoons of brown sugar
Enoguh ice to get the right texture.

As you can see there are no key ingredients or "haute cuisine"tricks.
Plain and simple good coffee

Some good ol´fashioned brown sugar.

I reaaally dont need to put up a description here...
Cream substitue that we got from a 7-Eleven

A nice bunch of ice.

Add the coffee to the iced water

Add the brown sugar, it really will depend on how you like your coffee, we like it very sweet so we put something around 7 tablespoons

There goes the cream substitue which with the help of the water and ice will give us a similar taste of the real deal.


Oh yeah baby.

Me setting up the glasses to take the photo at the bar.

Authentic bar-made frappé coffee

Take that starbucks.


  1. ....sounds delicious! My sister loves starbucks, but can't see the price and makes her own caramel macchiato at home every morning....

  2. Very cool that you used brown sugar, nice.