July 21, 2011

Just a few food oldies...

These are just a few photographs that i have taken along the year related to food, some of them are from trips I made around my country others are about great moments I had in chessy restaurants and the rest are about something about the plate or the  food that caught my attention in a very curious way.

Cecina enchilada con enfrijoladas en Oaxaca,

 Superb pizza in the downtown of Oaxaca

Me trying "Pasitas" @ Puebla.

Framboise, coconut and mint marshmallows and to the right some nougats with blueberries
Street market  @ San miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Awesome quesadilla @ Queretaro.

Buffalo Chicken salad @ Applebees,

Torta Ahogada @ La hosteria, Mexico D.F

Devil Meatballs.
From my Mexican cooking class.


Churreria  "El Moro"

Chicken plate @ Oaxaca.

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