July 12, 2011

Orange Cheese mousse

Last week i had this enormous appetite for trying out a new mousse i found in the Professional baking guide by le Cordon bleu.

The recipe is an orange-cheese mousse spiced up with a generous dash of orange liqueour, and its been raining a LOT in mexico city so i thought i would make a dessert that would fill my munchies for the rest of the week,( BTW its mandatory that i MUST have  some sweet at dinner so this dessert worked out perfectly). 

The consistency of the mousse melts in your mouth as the joconde texture gives that sweet crunch that matches the mousse perfectly, a really good dessert.

I really loved this book because the instructions are very well written so there are no confussions and difficulties in making this mousse and other  recipes....

Bicuit Joconde

340g Powdered almons
300 g Confectioners sugar
100g Cake flour
480g Whole eggs

320g Egg whites
40g Sugar

120g Butter melted

Mix the almonds, confectioners sugar and flour ina bowl
Add the eggs a little at a time. Mix well after each addition
Whip the egg whites with the sugar until they form soft glossy peaks
Gently fold the egg mixture into thw whipped egg whites
Fold in the melted butter and bake for 15 minutes  at 200 C.

Italian Meringue

125g Egg whites
125g Sugar
70g Water

Orange Cheese Mousse

9g Gelatin
40g Orange Liqueur (I used Curacao instead of conreau)

250g Cream cheese
4g Orange zest, grated
60g Orange juice, strained

350g Heavy cream

Make the Meringue: whip the egg whites to soft peaks. Make a syurp of the sugar and water and cook to 115 C. Gradually whip the hot syrup into the egg whites. Continue whipping until cold. Set aside

Soft the gelatin in cold water, heat the orange liquer. Add the gelatin and stir to dissolve.

In a mixer blend the cream cheese with the zest and a little orange juice until smooth
Mix in  the gelatin and the reamining orange juice until smooth.

Whip the cream to soft peaks. Fold the Meringue and the cream alternatively into the cheese until smooth

Fill mold and chill.


Joconde mixture


Softened gelatin

Syrup for the italian meringue


For the decor I used some cocoa powder and Orange rondelles crystalised in sugar.

Professional baking guide by le Cordon bleu.


  1. Nice elegant dessert here. There are not that many desserts that I know of that are primarily orange. However, there are some days when simple is all I want. Lovely post with great instruction. Yum!

  2. Lovely dessert, like that deco with the oranges on top.