July 5, 2011

Quick german lunch

Last time I went to the supermarket i stumbled with this belgian beer called Mort subite which means "Sudden  death" and i realized that its been  years since i had any contact with some german food. 

I decided to cook somethin up with the stuff i had in my fridge and maybe recreate a little bit of the experience i had when i ate at a famous restaurant near Chapultepec called "Fritz." You could taste different types of mustards and a wide selction of sausages and dont get me started on the beers cause boy were they freakin amazing.

Last Tuesday i cooked up some Frankfurt sausages along with some rosemary hasselback potatoes,.I joined them with a tablespoon of mustard and the belgian beer. 

The only thing you have to do is sear in some olive oil the Frankfurt until you get that golden crisp, throw in some salt and lots of pepper and youre done.

For the rosemary potatoes just cut a few handfuls of rosemary and put them in a bowl with some olive oil and some salt. Throw in the potatoes so they get really moist and put them in the oven for around 20 minutes at 180 C.

 Fast and a Great GREAT lunch

A sweet beer full of fruit flavor like raspeberries and honey 


  1. Tasty looking lunch-much better than the one I had! Funny nickname for a beer that tastes like raspberries and honey..nice pictures.

  2. Beer that tastes like raspberries and honey? Mmmmm, sounds like beverage and dessert all in one for me. Yum!