February 20, 2010

80 Covers served within one hour

Ticket coming in on table 3.-2persons

Caesar Salad
Frog legs
Filet au poivre

-Some Fish stock soup for table 4 and for the plat fort throw in a veal pallet.

-Hey jason step it up and give that damn peach melba already!...no no NO...how many fucking times have i told you to season the damn mignon first david? season THEN fire it! not the other way around...geez...you are like a fucking little bunny for crying out loud.

Ticket coming in on table 14.1 person.

Roquefort Salad
Orange tomato salmon

Grillman: Ready on the legs,throw the Caesar Claire!
Claire: got it

Waiter: Need the roquefort right away, a "special" customer just arrived and is on a hurry

Thom(Grillman): Why dont just call it "dumbfuck"? instead of special...when you say special i imagine a retarded 60 year old guy trying to eat

*Laughs all over the kitchen*

Claire: wow,you have a retarded son in your house and you still make "retard" jokes?
Head Chef:...what do you know claire...maybe he has a 60 year old son hahaha
Claire: hahaha...nice one chef.

Ticket coming in table 7.-3 persons

Azafran potato soup
Basil and tomato soup
Spaguetti Carbonara
Roman squids
Spanish Meatballs

Claire: Hey waiter,im fresh out of squid,i just told you 3 minutes ago!
Waiter: no you didnt hon, you told david
Claire: oh! and you waiters cant spread the word?! go ahead and cancel it!...at least take this roquefort please,you CAN do this or should i call david?

Head chef: shut it both of you,keep the pans hot and your hands moving.
Thom: Fire on the filet!
Claire: Fire on the soups on table 7 too.

Jason: Peach melba done chef!

Head Chef: then send it on the passe jason!

Jason: sorry Chef,on it Chef

Head Chef: Stop calling me Chef my name is Fernand.

Waiter:Speed the salmon Thom!

Ticket coming in table 21.-4 persons.

2xBasil and tomato soup
Caesar Salad
2xOyster Tagliateli
Duck confit

Fernand:cmon guys were getting massacred here,weve served about 73 covers we cant fuck it up this far,were almost over.

Thom:hey hey! told you i ran out of Confit,last portion was for table 43! and you took the order!

Waiter:damn,sorry chef ill cancel

Fernand:cmon guys what the hell is wrong today?...people come here to eat not to get fucking cancelled,if the wanted to get cancelled they would go to a Blind speed date service!

Ticket coming in on table 11.-7 persons
3xCaesar Salad
Spanish Omelette
Pomodoro Spaguetti
Rabbit on a Blackberry/vin rouge sauce.
Filet au Pivre
4x Scargots

Fernand: Fire on the salmon and carbonara!

Claire:damn i just have 2 scargots,forgot to make more on the morning.

Wiater: How long?

Claire: like 7 minutes on the Scargots,thom can you take on the cold and hot starters?

Thom: no fucking way honey im on the hot station and you want me to take on all the starters too?,tell jason

Claire: hes on desserts

Fernand: oh my god guys...are you ficking conspiring against me?...did you wake up,took some coffe and were like "how can we make the chefs day unbearable?"...cause it looks like you fucking conspired against me...

Thom: Conspired about what?

Fernand: about being fucking stupid!...cause thats what youre doing! if you cant speed up the pace im gonna have to shut down the kitchen!

*Fire on the Tagliatelli!* *Fire on the Confit*...Fire...Fire...Fire!!!...

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