March 16, 2011

Get Wasted.

Lets get loaded and kick a fuss

Let's get loaded (oh let's be selfish)
Let's get wasted (and lose our senses)
Let's get shit faced (so we can fake it)
Let's get stupid (just entertain us)

Blue Maui

3/4 oz. Controy
3/4 oz. Curacao azul
2 oz. jugo de piña
2 oz. de sprite

Brain damage

3/4 oz. Melocotón
3/4 oz. Baileys
1/4 oz. Granadina

Blanc cassis

1 oz. Licor de cassis
5 oz. Vino blanco


1/2 oz. Granadina
1/2 oz. Crema de cacao blanca
1/2 oz. Menta verde

Brain tumor

3/4 oz. Melocotón
3/4 oz. Baileys

The boys wanna fight
But the girls are happy to dance all night

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